Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review - "Undead and Unwelcome" by MaryJanice Davidson

 When I went to read the latest Queen Betsy book, I didn't remember reading the one right before. So, I found Undead and Unwelcome by MaryJanice Davidson in my bookcase. According to Goodreads, I had read it, but I didn't remember. This time around I gave is 3 stars out of 5. (First time was 4 out of 5).

The story is what happened in the fallout of the previous book, Undead and Unworthy. If you haven't read Undead and Unworthy, be warned there are spoilers ahead.

Antonia the werewolf is dead, so Betsy and Sinclair must take her body back to Cape Cod, which is the seat of Antonia's pack. While they are off doing this, Betsy's sister Laura, who is the daughter of the devil, starts telling devil worshippers to do her bidding. At first, it's just good stuff, like working in soup kitchens. But then she starts having them kill vampires, which isn't good since her sister is Queen of the Vamps.

All in all, this book fell a little flat. It was nice to see the werewolves again, but they make a big deal about Betsy having to answer for Antonia's death, but their time in the Cape just ends very abruptly without them having to answer for anything.

The subplot, which is told by a series of diary entries by Betsy's gay doctor roommate, Marc, also falls a little flat. I really dislike the changing POV's that were in this story and in next book, Undead and Unfinished.

Besides all these complaints, the book was alright. I do really enjoy reading about these characters. It is sad that the later books in this series have lost quite a bit of the fun that is in the earlier books.

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