Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Have a Superpower

I have a superpower. I can detect changes in pressure in weather. I can do this because when the pressure changes (like if a storm is rolling in), I get a migraine. The bigger the pressure change, the bigger the migraine.

Of all the superpowers I could get, this would not be the one I would pick. If I could pick, I'd choose to be a shapeshifter. Now that would be awesome

As it is, I just have my pressure-change detecting migraines. Not so fun. Especially on a day like this - there is no rain in the forecast, except a possibility of a pop-up thunderstorm. My head aches, but it's not quite an all out migraine yet.

The pain level increases the closer the storm comes, but usually I get some relief once it actually storms. Of course, with pop up thunderstorms, the pressure changes are there but we don't always get the rain / storm. It's really annoying.

Yet another reason I abhor the summertime.

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