Sunday, May 22, 2011

How I Spent My Day Before (And After) The Rapture

At Fanaticon 2
According to some religious fanatics, the Rapture was suppose to happen yesterday. Since I thought that was a bunch of hooey, I went on with my plans for the day.

Yesterday was Fanaticon 2 in Downtown Asheville, and I was going to be helping out at the Charlotte Browncoats table to help promote them and their CSTS showing for this year.

Despite getting lost in stupid Downtown Asheville, I made it to the Asheville Art Museum a few minutes before they opened the door with Todd and Emily arriving a few minutes after me (since they did not get lost as they had the GPS).

The turnout for this year's Fanaticon was great as it was last year. We got  a neat bag of swag that included Shrek ears for Emily and some Star Trek Monopoly pieces in honor of the new Klingon Monopoly game that is going to be coming out soon.

The Charlotte Browncoats table was in the same area as it was last year so I found it rather quickly. Todd and Emily wandered off, and didn't stay very long since it as really crowded.

I spent most of my day at the table, promoting Asheville Browncoats along with CSTS and the Charlotte group. I did take some time to participate in the costume parade since I was wearing my Kaylee Layer Cake costume.

I did end up taking off a little early since there were bands playing downstairs right under us, and it was very loud. Plus I had to get home to change for the 2nd part of my day. On my way back to my car, someone had put some clothes on the sidewalk next to 'end of the world' signs. I really hope if the Rapture does happen that I get to keep my clothes!

I went home, husband went to get food for him and Emily. But before he left, he found our missing cat in the neighbor's yard. He managed to sneak up on him and grab him before the kitty ran off again. That really made my day because I was really upset that he was missing.

Then I was off to SC for a going away party. One of my Greenville Browncoat friends is moving to Las Vegas, so we had a going away party at Mexican restaurant that has karaoke. I was on the road when the Rapture was suppose to happen but I didn't notice anything strange.

Since I was Emily-free, I was able to stay until after 10 and I got to sing 3 songs. It was great to hang out with friends, sing songs (There was a Rat Pack / End of the World theme going on with the songs our group was singing) and have some time away from my toddler.

But I didn't get home until nearly midnight so I was beat. And then, of course, I was up around 7 am thanks to my tiny dictator of a daughter.

So I spent my day geeking out and not worrying about the end of the world. It was a really shiny time!

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