Monday, May 16, 2011

The Many Faces of Me

Because of the internet, I think many of us have pseudonyms that they have used in the past and even now. I've had several and I thought I'd share them here.

Technically, I got my first nickname very early since my name is actually Amanda. My family always called me Mandy though (except my mom who call me Manda). I always liked Mandy better, but I use Amanda if I need a professional name.

When I first got on the internet when I was early in my college days, I found a great chat site where there was roleplaying games happening. I started playing in the Star Wars room, and I picked the name Neisa Sondra for my character's name.

Now Neisa was a character from my first book that I wrote in like the 7th grade. I couldn't think of a name when I joined the chat room so I picked that one. I became known as Neisa around the internet because it become my user name of choice.

In the chat room, Neisa was a Jedi Healer who bounced back and forth from light to dark. She really had a lot of issues, but she was fun to play.

It was a few years later, and I wanted a new character. Since Eowyn (from 'Lord of the Rings') was already taken as a user name on that chat room, I became Eoywin.

 She was originally a Dark side Princess with Force powers and no memory. But as I moved away from roleplaying online, I continued to use Eoywin as my user name. This was the name I was using when I joined the Bpal forums, so there is still a lot of people who know me by this online name.

But when I joined up with the Greenville Browncoats several years ago, there were already a few other Mandy's - Good and Evil. So I asked what Mandy I should be. Someone suggested Chaos, and it stuck.

So Chaos Mandy is how I'm known in Browncoat circles and it's the name I go by most of the time now. It's also the name I picked to go by when I started writing for GeekMom.

We'll just have to see if I pick up any more names as time goes on!

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