Monday, May 23, 2011

Fanaticon 2 Review

Fanaticon is a local one day convention that is free. It took place in downtown Asheville on May 21st at the Asheville Art Museum.

My experience with Fanaticon is a little different than most peoples, since I spent the majority of the day at the Charlotte Browncoats table.

I got there a little before 10 and got to see some of the opening ceremonies. Once we got in, I went straight to the Browncoat table, which was in the same area as last year.

My husband brought Emily with him, and checked out the con, including the kids area. Unfortunately the area was geared towards older kids and not really toddlers. I'd love to see this area expanded for next year to include some activities that toddler friendly since I saw so many toddlers throughout the day.

The only thing I did besides help man the Browncoat table was the costume parade. The juggling show at the beginning was fun though it meant there was a bit of lag as all the costumed folks made their way backstage.

It was very hot this year. I don't remember it being so hot last year. We were on an upper floor and there was at least some air flow. The couple of times I went downstairs, the heat became a bit too much. I felt bad for the vendors who were in the heat of things.

I do think that Fanaticon has outgrown the Asheville Art Museum. I think the heat had something to do with the thousands of people being crammed into such a small space.

I also do think that the comic dealers should be put elsewhere - it always causes quite the traffic jam at the start because the aisle is very narrow. With all the people pouring in, and then the people to stop right away to look, it makes it difficult to get past that point.

Despite these complaints, I do think that Fanaticon is very well run. As someone who spent most of the day as at an exhibitor table, it was nice when the staff members brought us water and asked if we needed anything.

I do hope that this con continues to grow! It's very nice that Asheville has it's own con.

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