Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back To The Grind

Long weekends are great, but it's hard getting back into the groove once they are over with.

Memorial Day weekend wasn't long enough. It probably didn't help that I spent a good portion of Saturday and Sunday doing a deep clean on my house since that was way overdue. Then on Monday, Todd and I helped my best friend and her family move.

It was fairly easy for me - I was on toddler duty. But it was really hot for the menfolk who were actually packing up the truck. Thankfully everything was packed and ready to go, so it didn't take them very long.

Even though I went to bed fairly early, I slept poorly last night. And my toddler decided that 5:30 AM was a good time to get up this morning. I was a very cranky mommy this morning.

I had school today, and it didn't go very well. It was okay for me - what we are doing is fairly easy right now. My class had to move to a different room last week because of the size of the class, and my teacher fought with the computer for a while this morning trying to get the program we are suppose to be learning up on the overheard screen.

She was unsuccessful, so she had to explain everything. This lead to a lot of questions from the folks who aren't very good with computer programs. We are already behind in both of my classes because of computer software issues.

But at least it's a short week. Only two more days of classes, and then I have ConCarolinas to look forward to on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be toddler free both days, and there is going to be a Firefly LARP on Saturday, so it should be an awesome time.

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