Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spoiler Free Review - Thor

Since I'm a mom, I tend not to be able to see movies right away when they are released. So I didn't get chance to see Thor until this past weeked.

We got a sitter for Emily and went to see it in 3-D on Sunday. My husband had already seen it opening weekend, and he had said it was very good so I had been looking very forward to it.

I wasn't disappointed - Thor was amazing, especially in 3-D. The story was interesting, it had funny parts and the action sequences were awesome in 3-D. Now I know more about mythical Thor than comic book Thor, but I did know the basis of the story. Anthony Hopkins as Odin was perfect casting, and Chris Hemsworth was wonderful as Thor.

I think anyone would enjoy this movie and it's well worth it to see it in the theater.

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