Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Stuff

I had a busy weekend this weekend, which is why I haven't had a chance to blog.

After I got laid off from my job, I floundered around for a while trying to get a new job. Once it became clear that the economy was so screwed up that I was going to get a new job for a while, my husband and I decided that I ought to go back to school.

But I still missed having my own money. It was early 2009 when I was introduced to ChaCha, which is a company where you text in a question and you get a human generated answer. I become a Guide and I answer the questions that come in.

I only make 10 to 20 cents a question, so it can be hard sometimes to make money. If I do a little all month, I can easily make the payout before the monthly payout date. But if I'm busy or if I slack off, I have to do a mad dash at the end of the money to make it to the payoff amount.

I had not intended on slacking off this month, but thanks to my best friend, I discovered a new and faster way to make money. I've started writing articles and making approximately $2. Most of the articles don't take too long to write so it's a lot easier to build up money faster.

But I haven't made enough via articles to want to forego the ChaCha money this month, so I spent all of Friday and Saturday madly answering questions. I made my goal about 6 pm on Saturday night and pretty much passed out afterward because I had staying up way too late trying to work.

Yesterday, I pretty much took the day off. My best friend watched Emily while Todd and I went to see Thor  (which was very good!). Once we got home and got Emily asleep, I played WoW while Todd and I watched Easy A (which was a cute movie).

I'm off school this week so I'm hoping to get a lot of article work done!

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