Thursday, January 12, 2012

Writing Challenge - TSA Incident

 I really hated flying because the crowds in airports make me feel uneasy. But then I started dating Dave who loved traveling all over the world. I had a good time going to exotic locales with him, at least in the beginning, so I told myself that any time spent in the airport was just temporary.

Dave had booked us a romantic trip in Morocco for Valentine's Day. We had been having issues, fighting a lot over about little things. I think he thought a romantic vacation was just the way to get the spark back into our relationship. I wasn't sure about that but I agreed to go because I still thought I loved him.

The trip started out bad by lengthy delays in the airport in Atlanta. My nerves were frayed before we even set foot into Morocco, so it wasn't a surprise that Dave and I started to fight before we got into our hotel room. The fighting continued for several days, until Dave conceded defeat and got us an earlier flight back home.

We were going through the TSA checkpoint when Dave's bag got flagged. They went through his suitcase in front of everyone looking for the contraband. His suitcase was full of porn, mostly in the form of X-rated magazines. There was also things like handcuffs and a whip in there as well. But what got him flagged with the gun at the bottom of the suitcase.

When the TSA official pulled the gun out, he began to look it over. "Its not even real," the official finally said after he finished looking it over, "What were you two doing in Morocco anyway?"

Dave mumbled something about getting the flame back into our relationship, and I just felt my face get so hot. "Can we go through?" I asked, my voice no more than a whisper as I could feel the eyes of the TSA workers on me.

We were allowed to through and I ripped into Dave, asking him what the hell he was thinking. He didn't really have a response and we didn't talk during the whole plane ride home. Once we were safely back into Atlanta, I broke up with Dave. I called a friend who was willing to pick me up from the airport.

At the time, I was horrified, but now it's something I can look back and laugh about. But I still don't airports and I haven't been in one since.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Brad MacDonald challenged me with "A fictional, humorous, TSA incident at an airport in Morocco." and I challenged Carrie with "Body Slams For Everyone".


  1. I can only imagine what TSA agents find in flagged luggage. This was funny, in a "I'm-glad-it-wasn't-me" sort of way.

  2. Thanks - I'm not very good with funny so this week was hard!

  3. This was hilarious. Definitely a situation I could see happening...I hope my stuff never gets flagged *wink wink*