Saturday, January 7, 2012

Football Geek

I've been a Lions fan for a long time. I started watching football with my parents when I was in high school. I was in the marching band so I had to be at every high school game, so I decided that I wanted to be able to follow the games.

My mom and dad always watched the Lions and they would use those Sunday games to teach me the basics of the game of football. I continued to follow root for the Lions, even though they were a really bad team.

Then I started dating Todd, who is a huge football nut. So once I moved in with him and after we got married, we would watch football all day on Sundays. The only exception was when we were still gaming with our friends Alice and Josh. We get the NFL Sunday Ticket partly so we can have the ability to watch the Lions every week.

We have been fans of the Lions even through all those seasons where they were horrible, including their 'perfect' season where they won no games at all. Every year before the new season would start, my husband would say that they were going to do better this season. And finally, that season has happened.

Now Todd and I are watching the Lions play in the playoffs and it's so cool. Even though they aren't going to win, it's awesome that they made it to the playoffs. We are diehard Lions fans and football geeks so this is a great time of the year for us.

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