Friday, January 13, 2012

It's the Itchy-est Time of the Year

I like winter for the duration of December and Christmas, but now that it's January I'm firmly into my big hatred of winter. Right now, it's mostly because the cold, dry weather is making me very uncomfortable.

I have, in the words of my dermatologist, really bad eczema. I've heard people talk about having patches of eczema on their bodies, but my whole body is one big eczema patch.

For a good portion of the year, it's okay and I can ignore it. But the last few days have been horrible because I've been itching all over. I do have a humidifier and eczema cream to help somewhat, but I've been having trouble sleeping because of the itching.

I am glad that I live in North Carolina and the cold won't last as long as it did in Michigan. But I'll be glad when this bitter cold weather that sucks all the moisture from my skin is gone.

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  1. Oi; hope the nice weather comes your way soon so you can have some relief!

  2. Yeah, it's warmer today and it's not as bad.