Sunday, January 8, 2012


My Little Sicky
Emily and I, and to a lesser degree Todd, have been sick for the last few days. It's just a cold but it's been making life a little difficult around here.

For one, a cold is never just a cold for me because it makes my daily chronic headaches worse. So I'm tired, stuffed up and suffering from a pretty bad migraine.

Emily has been dealing better, though the cold is taking a toll on her as well. She has been extra cranky and extra clingy. Though she has been mostly playing like usual.

Because Todd has been working so much, I have been trying to let him sleep in. But all I want to do is sleep myself, but alas I have to be awake for Emily. Such is the life of a mommy.

Now is a good time for us to be sick because I've not got anything pressing that needs to be done. But it's been several days now and I'm tired of being sick. Today Todd has off, so hopefully I can get the rest I need to be able to feel better.

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, that's the life of a mommy. I hope you got the rest you deserved and are feeling better today!