Monday, January 23, 2012

The Terrifying Ascent into the Tubes of Madness

The Tubes of Madness (AKA A McDonald's Play Area)
On Saturday, Todd, Emily & I headed to help my best friend, Dolli and her family get moved into a new house.

Dolli and I were on toddler duty and we ended up at a McDonald's play area. It was all tubes and had no toddler area, but we figured the kids could run around a little and then we could have some dinner.

Well, Dolli's daughter, Kaylee, was feeling adventurous and ended up going into the tubes. She wasn't coming down so Dolli attempted to go up after her. But she didn't last long until she got freaked out and had to come out. I didn't even think about it - just shed my shoes and my sweater and started up the tubes.

While the tubes were big enough for me to fit in, they weren't designed with a full sized person in mind. I got nearly to the top of the tubes when a little boy helped Kaylee out. I hurriedly found my way out of the tubes and was actually a little shaken once I was back out again.

I really hope that I never have to go up in those tubes again.

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1 comment:

  1. Good picture. You should circle the area you were up in :-)

    And when isn't Kaylee feeling adventurous? I swear, my intrepid explorer.