Tuesday, January 3, 2012


There are lots of social networks out there that have different niches but most of them I just ignore because it can take a lot of time. I used Foursquare for a bit, but it ended up being a chore.

I had seen people on Facebook and Twitter use GetGlue but I wasn't tempted to start using it because it just looked like another social network that would be a chore. But one word got me signed up and addicted to GetGlue.

That word was: Sticker. When you sign into things in GetGlue, you have the possibility of unlocking stickers. You get stickers when you sign into things a certain amount of times as well as for things like new episodes or new movies. The best thing is that you can request the actual stickers to be mailed to you for free! You get to request 20 stickers once a month.

The stickers aren't very big but they are good quality and free. I've loved stickers since I was little so I now use GetGlue everyday to unlock ones. Some of them I'll give to Emily, but most I'll be saving to put all over the new laptop I'll be getting at some point this year.

If you love stickers as well as TV, books and movies, I would check out GetGlue!

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