Thursday, January 19, 2012

Writing Challenge - The Flickering Lightbulb

The lightbulb was flickering as I blinked my eyes open. My head was throbbing and I groaned a little as sat up. I looked around because I had no idea where I was.

I was in huge bed that was covered with red, silk sheets. The bed took up most of the room but there was a small table on each side of the bed. On each table there was an old lamp made of an assortment of seashells.The walls were painted a pale pink and were free from decoration.

I slipped out of the bed, looking around for my clothes. I shivered but I felt my cheeks burn as I realized that I was completely naked. I found my clothes in a pile next to the bed and I hurriedly dressed.

I moved to the only door that I saw and I winces as a shot of pain flared up my right leg. Images began to flood my mind as the previous night started to come back to me. I had been in a club and there had been a man.

He had been attractive and lean, with short black hair and piercing blue eyes. He had approached me, asking me to dance but I had said no because there was something about him that had creeped me out.

I stayed close to my friends the rest of the time I was at the club because his eyes kept following me around. I ended up leaving early just to get away. But somehow he had been waiting for me right beside my car.

"I've been waiting for you so long, Holly," he said, his voice low and seductive.

Fear moved through me and I was rooted to the spot. "How do you know my name?"

"I know everything about you," he said, moving his hand to my cheek. It was so cold and that was the last thing that I remembered.

I hurried to the door but I found that it was locked. There was no windows as I looked around, fear rising up in me again. I went to the bedside table where the light from the lamp was still flickering. There was a single piece of paper laying on it, with the word, "You are mine," written in red ink.


For the" target="_blank">IndieInk Writing Challenge this week," target="_blank">Dili challenged me with "the flickering lightbulb" and I challenged" target="_blank">Maya Bahl with "The man with no face"

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  1. I love what you've done with it. Short and with a punch. Nice!