Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WrestleMania Weekend - Friday

WrestleMania 27!
I've been a wrestling fan for about 11 years now. I had some friends in college who watched it. We used to go to a local bar/grill to watch the pay-per-views, the first that I watched being Summer Slam.

Then I started dating my husband, and he is an even bigger wrestling fan than I am. His dad is a fan and he watched it when it was little.

We've been to quite a few pay-per-views live, which is always a good time. The most recent was that we went to the Royal Rumble last year in Atlanta and it was awesome.

But when we found out that WrestleMania 27 was going to be in Atlanta, we jumped at the chance to get tickets. In addition to WrestleMania, there was a wrestling event called WrestleMania Axxess. It was where you could go and meet wrestlers, get autographs and do other things.

Axxess was set up that you would buy a general admission ticket for a 4 hour sessions. There was 3 sessions each day. You could also buy VIP tickets that guaranteed you an autograph / picture with your favorite Superstar. We got VIP tickets for Shawn Michaels. We had thought about getting another one, but by the time we tried, the tickets were sold out. We found out later that all the VIP tickets were sold out by 3 pm the day they went on sale.

Anyway, Friday we got on the road pretty early to get down to Atlanta. We were staying with my kind aunt and uncle who always let us stay when we are doing things in Atlanta, and they watch Emily for us as well.

Friday night Todd had a ticket to Axxess, and I stayed at my aunt / uncle's house. One of my cousins' little boy who I'll refer to as E was also staying for the weekend because my cousin and his wife were LARPing. It was nice because E and Emily get along well since he's only about 6 months younger than she is.

Emily had fun playing and I had a good time visiting though I was pretty exhausted since I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before. At about quarter after 7, I asked Emily if she wanted to go to bed, and shockingly, she said yes.

We went to bed, which was good since I was going to have a long day on Saturday.

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