Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mechanics of Wrestling

Me and Chris Jericho
Now, you, dear readers, may have noticed that I am a wrestling fan, and I was inspired by the radio to write this post about what professional wrestling truly is.

I was listening to Josh and Sue in the Morning on Star 104.3 as I usually do on mornings that I have school. They were taking about Dancing with the Stars and giving a recap of last night's show.

Sue mentioned that she was sad that Chris Jericho was going home, and how well spoken he is, though she also said that she will not be watching wrestling because she didn't want to watch people beat each other up.

While there is people beating each other up in wrestling, there is a lot more. One of the skills a good wrestler must have is 'mic skills' which means they can speak well on the mic in order to get the crowd excited.

Half of professional wrestling is storylines. It's really like a violent soap opera, with the actual wrestling used to help move the story along. If they story is good, that's what keeps people coming back to watch, since it's common knowledge that professional wrestling is scripted.

I'm sad for Chris Jericho that his sojourn on Dancing with the Stars is over with, because I'm a big fan of him. But I do hope that he finds his way back into the ring soon since he's an excellent wrestler with fantastic mic skills.

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