Sunday, April 10, 2011

WrestleMania Weekend - Sunday Part One

Christian and I
We got up at 7 am on the Sunday of WrestleMania 27. We did this because we had gotten VIP Axxess tickets to meet Shawn Michaels (HBK).

A bit on the VIP Axxess tickets - the biggest WWE Superstars had VIP signings. The tickets were more than the regular general admission tickets to Axxess but you were guaranteed an autograph / picture with the Superstar of your choice because there was a very limited amount of VIP tickets sold for each Superstar.

Todd had gotten a pre-sale code, so we were able to get our Shawn Michaels tickets early. Which was good, since all VIP signings sold out within 3 hours of being on sale. We decided to go with HBK since really the only reason he was at WrestleMania was because he was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Now each Axxess session was divided into 2 parts, with the Superstars changing so you can get more autographs (or at least attempt). Now, one of my favorite wrestlers, Christian, was suppose to be signing in the first part, so we did what we had done before. I got in line and Todd circled. Though by the time he found Christian's line, it was quite long.

Since it was long, Todd was doubtful we would make it through. I didn't care and thankfully, the line moved fast so we were able to meet him, get autographs and get my picture with him.

As soon as we were done with Christian, we went to get into Shawn Michaels line. He was in the 2nd session, and even though we were about an hour early, there was already a line. We waited and finally he arrived!

Shawn Michaels and Todd
It didn't take us long to make it through the line. He was super nice, and took time to talk to us for a minute. Todd told him thank you for entertaining him all those years, and Shawn was very gracious about it.

After we were done with the VIP line, we got a couple more autographs before we headed out of Axxess. We had several hours to kill before going to get in line for WrestleMania. We had planned on going to Chicken & Waffles in downtown Atlanta.

We took MARTA to the stop we usually got off for Dragon*Con. We went into the food court at the Peachtree Center for a snack since both of us were really hungry. It was really odd because it wasn't very full and half of the fast food places were closed. Very different from Dragon*Con Sunday.

Marriott minus the Klingons
We went through the Marriott to get to the street. It was so empty that it was weird! We used Todd's phone to direct us to Chicken & Waffles, but when we got there, the line was outside. We forgot that it was Sunday, right around the time church would be getting out, and there are a ton of churches in the area.

We opted to not to wait in line, and decided to go to the Sports Bar in the Marriott for lunch instead. We got yummy food and some adult beverages. I haven't drunk alcohol in a long time, so I got a little tipsy.

We lingered over our lunch, since both of our feet were really hurting. It was about 3:30, when we headed over to the Georgia Dome to get in line for WrestleMania!

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  1. Hi from a fellow NC Browncoat mom! I clicked over from GeekMom and I just have to say that the Marriott looks really wrong without the teeming hordes of congoers.