Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Friend

So, I found out today that my best friend, Dolli, is having to move to Charlotte. We knew this was coming, but it's a lot sooner than originally expected. Needless to say, I'm pretty sad about this.

I feel a little anxious too. I used to have another best friend in college. After I had moved away  from the town our college was in, we began to drift apart, and it lead to a really nasty end to our friendship. Though I really don't think this will happen with Dolli and I.

I'm also sad for Emily. She is also losing her best friend, since Dolli has a little girl who Emily plays with all the time.

Though this separation will only be temporary. Todd and I were already thinking about moving to Charlotte in the next couple of years. This will probably accelerate our plans to move out that way.


  1. Trust me, I have lots of friends who live far away. In fact I have multiple best friends, because of living in so many different places. I have Tori, who lives in Alabama currently. Heather in Ohio. Kylie in Florida. Now I'll have you and Melissa here!

  2. Well, you are the only best friend I have :( So, that's one reason I'm feeling pretty bummed.

  3. I have *so* been there. A few years ago my only bestie moved away from me (Memphis, TN). And she has moved a couple of times since then. Now she's in CO and that's one of the few places we'd move to if given the chance. We've lost a lot of touch with each other over the interviening years. You guys stay in touch!