Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sleeping Emmy
I've always had very vivid dreams that are sometimes nightmares. Unfortunately for her, Emily seems to have taken after me in that regard.

I've been suffering from a pretty bad migraine this week because of the craptastic weather that we've been having. But Miss Emily had been sleeping through the night in her own bed with no issues.

Last night, though, I had passed out because I was really tired. I was awoken around midnight to my husband carrying Emily (along with her pillow, blanket and stuffed animals) into our room.

Apparently, she had let out a scream causing him to rush to her room. She had had a nasty nightmare. It had been so bad a dream that she kept waking up every hour or so just enough to make sure I was still next to her.

Because of her waking up, I didn't get any sleep. That plus thunderstorms plus migraine equaled really bad sleepfail that I'm feeling now.

Hopefully she'll have a nightmare free night tonight I can get some sleep.

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