Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Having No Internet Sucks

A couple of weeks ago, our modem died. It was 6 years old and apparently modems usually only last a couple of years. So when I called customer service for help they said they would send a new one and it would arrive in about 4 days (not including the weekend).

I am, admittedly, addicted to being connected to the internet. I dislike it when I can keep up with Facebook and my email when we go up to Michigan, partly because it piles up so quickly.

After about a day of no internet, my dearest husband decided that we should go and get smart phones. I got a Motorola Blur and I loooove it. Now I will never be unconnected again since there is T-Mobile service even in the thumb of Michigan.

Though even with having my new smartphone, it really started to be annoying that I couldn't use my laptop, especially since my work at home job requires internet access on my laptop. We waited and waited for the modem to arrive, and finally got fed up and called customer service back.

This is when we found out that we could have gone to Walmart and gotten a new modem on the first day ours died. That was annoying, but I'm super glad I got a smartphone out of it.

But I was behind on work, so I had to work extra to be able to get to the payout point. The "month" ended last night, so I'm hoping to have more time to blog and do other stuff as well.

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