Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breaks are Good

My Two Loves
I love being a mom. Emily is really the light of my life. But the life of a stay at home mom gets a little dull sometimes. I sometimes long for a break.

I do know that I'm pretty lucky as far as that goes. I'm able to do stuff like go to Dragon*Con, LARP, and other geeky things.

But it's been a long while since I've been able to go on a date with my husband. Thankfully, a good friend was able to watch Emily on Sunday. Todd and I went to see 'Suckerpunch'.

I really liked the movie, but it was just nice to be out with my husband doing something that was more adult.

I think parents really need breaks from their kids. I know it recharges my batteries when I'm away from Emily for a bit. I love her, but I also enjoy my time away from her. I know when I've gone LARPing for the weekend, it is so great to see her when it's time to pick her up.

But it's also nice to be just Mandy for a while instead of just Mommy. I really strive very hard not to be a mombie and retain who I was before I was a mom.

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