Friday, April 6, 2012

R.I.P. Grandpa

On Wednesday, my grandpa passed away. He was my mom's dad and my last living grandparent. I thought I would write a few thoughts about him here.

My grandpa was a gruff man who had a big heart. He loved all of us grandkids and we would spent hours during our visits to Bay City in his small house that he lived in alone. When I was a child, I knew a few kids who had divorced parents, but I was the only one with divorced grandparents. My grandpa and grandma (who passed away in 2001) were always friendly during family gatherings, so as a kid the only difference to me was that they didn't live together.

I can still smell the musky, woodsy smell that he had and that his house had. I remember sitting in his living room while my mom would gab with him at his kitchen island. I remember his love of books, something that I share, and how my mom went out of her way to make sure he had large print books when his eyes started going.

While she won't remember it, I'm glad he got a chance to see Emily and his other great-grandkids. And I'm very glad we went back home for Christmas, which was the last time I saw him. Then, even though he was very sick, he was still the same Grandpa that he had always been.

R.I.P Richard Miller Sr. - I will always love and miss you until I get to see you again.

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  1. I lost my grandpa, my dad's father who was also my last living grandparent, on January 23. It's hard because they seem so much larger than life than even parents. Grandparents are amazing because they have known you since you were tiny and loved you regardless. Be kind to yourself and allow some time to grieve.

  2. What a good tribute-glad you got to have time with him.Hugs,carwoman

  3. Love you girl. Great tribute. I'm sure Emily will enjoy knowing him through your stories.