Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Long Weekend - Part 1: The Wedding

Emily with her Pop-Pop
Things have been very busy as I'm still getting used to working full-time again. But we had one of the busiest weekends of my life last weekend!

I worked all day on Friday but Todd had taken the day off so we could head to GA as soon as I got home. My cousin, Gary, was getting married on Saturday and we wanted to see my dad, his wife among other relatives that had come in for the wedding.

We went straight to the hotel and met up with my dad, his wife, Esther as well as my uncle David and his fiance, Marji. We went across the street and had dinner at this Italian restaurant. The wait was going to be long, but there was no waiting if we found a table in the bar area. We were lucky and a couple was just finishing up, so we were able to get ordered faster.

It was nice to visit with my relatives. My uncle Gary, father of the groom, came to the restaurant to visit too. Even though it was several hours after Emily's bedtime before we left, she did great! The food was great too and we got creme brulee for dessert.

We were staying at my aunt and uncle's, but it wasn't very far to go there from the hotel. My aunt and uncle were home and my aunt was still working on some of the programs. I got Emily to bed and I went to bed soon after since I had been up since 5:30 that morning.

Exchanging Vows
The wedding wasn't until the afternoon, so we let Emily play in the morning. She was cranky so I got her down for a short nap before we got all dressed to head over to the wedding. We went to the hotel and got there in time to ride the trolley over to the church.

The wedding service was a full Catholic mass, so it was long. But Emily did pretty good. She was still tired so I held her for most of the service. After the wedding was over, we took the trolley back to the hotel. We hung out in my dad and Esther's hotel room until it was time to go down for the the cocktail hour.

Dancing with Pop-Pop
The cocktail hour was in a wooded area outside the hotel. They had soft music playing as well as appetizers and drinks. Emily only wanted fruit, but Todd and I tried most of the appetizers. Emily kept wanting to dance, and she convinced my dad and Todd to dance with her. 

It was a great time and it wasn't too long before it was time to go into the reception. There were three ballrooms in the hotel. One was the wedding but the other two were proms. We found our table and sat down. It wasn't too long before the bridal party made their grand entrance.

Dancing the night away
Now when I was planning my wedding, I didn't like the idea of having the first dance and other special dances before dinner was served. But it honestly worked great! Right after they were introduced, Gary and Jennifer had their first dance. Once the other special dances were done, dinner was served. Music played throughout dinner so when people were done eating they could get up to dance. 

Emily loved 'dancing' - which was mostly just chasing her cousins around the dance floor. But when more adults came out on the dance floor, she did dance some. I got to dance quite a bit too, including married couples dance were the DJ calls out for couples to leave the floor depending on how long you  have been married. Todd and I made it a few cuts, but the couple who 'won'  had been married over 40 years!

They also had a photo booth in the corner. Emily really liked this too since there were funny hats and props to wear in the picture. The booth would print two copies of the pictures, one that got put into a scrapbook for the bride and groom. It was a neat idea that kept a lot of the kids at the wedding amused.

The time passed fast, and it was nearly 10 pm before we left. Emily was going to be staying in the hotel with my dad and Esther. We did go up to say goodnight to her, but she got upset. We headed back to my aunt and uncle's house to pass out before the next leg of our long weekend on Sunday.

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