Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 Report - Thursday

We always head down to Atlanta the day before Dragon*Con officially starts. This year, we tried to leave fairly early since we had to go to my aunt and uncle's house (where we stay during the Con, since they watch Emily for us).
After we got Emily settled, Todd and I took MARTA (the transport system in Atlanta) down to the Con. When we got to the Sheraton, the pre-reg line was around the building. We were not happy about this, since we had both hoped that the new registration system would make the wait much shorter. We got in line, and in the middle of our wait outside, the computers inside crashed.

Once they got the computers back up, the line did move fast. We waited about 2 hours, with most of that wait outside. I had worn my GeekMom shirt since I wasn't cosplaying on Thursday and that was a bit of a mistake since it's black, so I was really sweaty by the time we got our badges.
I had wanted to give blood on Thursday but there was a 1/2 hour wait in the Sheraton. We were headed to the food court when we noticed that the normal place were you can give blood in the Marriott was set up and there was no wait. So I gave blood and Todd waited for me.
We went to eat dinner and then last thing we did was to find the table were my friend Janine was at since I had pre-ordered a copy of her book The Human. I'm really glad I got to see her since I didn't get a chance to see her the rest of the weekend.

Todd and I took MARTA home and we happened to sit next to a lady who was related to Chandler Riggs and she told us stories about his filming The Walking Dead. It made the ride home much more interesting. Once we got back, I went to bed fairly earlier since I knew I had a long day on Friday.

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