Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 Report - Sunday

Me and Another Kaylee before
the Browncoats: Redemption panel
In the past few years, we hadn't gone down to Dragon*Con  on Sunday. But Todd had autograph tickets and I wanted to go to the Browncoats: Redemption wrap party, so we went down on Sunday this year.

I went down to autograph session with Todd and we got Mark Sheppard's autograph. What pissed both of us off is that this guy just came by and started talking to Mark Sheppard during what was suppose to be our interaction time with him. It was really quite rude.

Todd got in line for Jim Beaver and I headed over to the Westin so I could go to the Browncoats: Redemption panel. The panel was really great and we got an extra half hour because there was no Whedonverse panel afterwards. It was so interesting to hear the stories how the idea came about and how they pulled it off. I asked a question and I got an autographed movie poster, which was really shiny.

From there, I went to the food court to meet up with Todd. I got to see my cousin and his wife, which was nice since it had been a while since I had seen either of them. Their son was staying at my aunt and uncle's house too, so Emily had someone her age to play with all weekend.

I got some lunch and then we took a last look at the dealer's room. I got Emily an Edward Gorey little lunchbox and Todd got more Japanese candy. Todd didn't have anymore autographs he wanted and there wasn't anything else in the dealer's room he wanted, so he did something he never does. He went to a panel with me.

It was the Buffy / Angel panel. I had thought about going to the Carrie Fisher panel, but decided to go to the Buffy / Angel one instead. The line was pretty long, even though we got there an hour and a half early. We sat down and waited, while talking and playing games on our phones.

I thought the panel was great, but Todd was kind of meh about it. He just isn't a panel person, which is fine. From there, it was back to the food court for some dinner, and then we went to the Westin to see if there was a line for the Browncoats: Redemption wrap party.

After the line that spanned three levels in the Westin to see the movie last year, I thought the line might be long and I really wanted to get into that party. So we ended up being the first people in line.

The wait was long, but we had some nice line friends along with the staffer who was manning the line. The party started a little late, but even then the line didn't get super long. As they let people in, we were given cast photos and a raffle ticket. If the ticket had a stamp on the back, you got a choice between a t-shirt or a blu-ray copy of the movie.

Todd got a stamp and he got a t-shirt since we already had the blu-ray. Someone else found a stamped ticket later in the evening and we got a blu-ray to give to my best friend, Dolli. I decided to get a beer from the bar, even though I really don't like the taste of beer.

We ended up at a table with a Browncoat who had come all the way to Dragon*Con from Germany (though I think she was originally from Australia). It was an interesting conversation that lasted until the party really started.

I got to see my friend Kathleen and her girlfriend, Sandy at the party. It was fun to see them since I hadn't all weekend. And then the music really picked up and I went out to dance. Dancing in a hoop skirt is weird. Dancing midst a see of other Kaylee's also weird, but it was awesome too. There was a Franknfurter cosplayer that caused some Rocky Horror songs to play. I think the highlight of the evening was doing the Time Warp with a whole bunch of Browncoats.

We didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked, but we had to take the MARTA train back and we were leaving early the next morning to go home. It was an awesome party though, and I had a great time. It was really highlight of Dragon*Con for me.

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