Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 Report - Saturday

Posing before the parade
The Saturday of Dragon*Con dawn early since I had set the alarm so we could get moving. This was the 2nd year I was going to march in the parade. I had been suppose to march 3 years ago, but I didn't get downtown in time. So ever since I've been paranoid about getting down to the parade site early.

My wonderful husband walked me down to where the parade staging area. I was so early this year that I was one of the first Whedonverse folks. Other people trickled in, and it wasn't long before we were getting ready to start marching. I was between one of the Mals and the Giant Jayne Hat right behind the banner. We had a bag piper who played during the parade, though when he needed a break, the Mal next to me lead us in a chant of the theme song from Firefly.

Despite the fact that Mark Sheppard was the only Firefly guest at Dragon*Con this year, the majority of the Whedonverse parade marches were Firefly characters. There was a few vampires and someone dressed as the Master doing 'Grrr Argh' that was shown at the end of every Buffy episode. But the rest of the folks were in costumes from Firefly. Shows how much we love our fandom.

After the parade was over, I called Todd to find out where he was since he had my bag. I found him outside one of the dealer's room where he had a wrap from the food court for me. We found a place to sit down and ate. He had already visited the dealer's room and he had bought me a Blu-Ray copy of Browncoats: Redemption which was on my 'must buys' list for Dragon*Con since it is now no longer available.

Once we were finished eating, we went back into the dealer's room and I did most of my shopping. I honestly bought more stuff for Emily and my best friend, Dolli than I did myself. One of my must buys was dice for Dolli. We had played in a game with her husband as the GM and we are probably going to start up another game soon. She had been using her husband's dice and I thought it was time for her to have some of her own.

I was getting pretty tired after shopping so I headed to the Sheraton early to get in line for the Guild panel. I saw my friend Jaime and managed to get in line with her. It was fun hanging out with her and making some fun line friends. The panel was really good too!

From there, I made the trek all the way to the Westin so I could get in line for the Walking Dead panel. The line was pretty long already even though it was over an hour until the start. I did get into the panel though I was pretty far back. Thank goodness for the big screen TV in the panel room. It was an interesting panel, but I was pretty beat by the time it was done.

I met up with Todd and we opted to run through a drive-through on our way back to my aunt and uncle's house. We ate, spend a little time with Emily and then I passed out with her since it had been a long day.

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