Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Browncoat Ball - Saturday (Part 2)

After resting for a while, I got ready for the Ball. I wore my Kaylee Layer Cake dress, which got a lot of compliments. I didn't take my camera down to the Ball, so I didn't get a picture that I could attach to this blog post.

There was a cocktail hour where we mingled and where Pher, who is a Greenville 'Coat and a professional photographer, took Prom-style pictures of everyone in their finery.

Once the Ball started, people who wanted to be announced were - I was announced as "Chaos Mandy, Lady of the Layer Cake" which got me big cheers.

After everyone was in, a group of cloggers entertained us until the buffet was open. The food was amazing, lots of options and a huge dessert table as well.

The band, Gael Warning, started their first set while we were eating dinner. They started out with their version of the Firefly theme song which everyone sang along to.

At the band's first break, the cloggers came back, and this time they asked for people to come up. I was one of the people, and I had a great time learning how to do some of the called dancing (it was kind of like square dancing).

The rest of the night had more of the band, who played 3 or 4 more sets. One of those sets was all of waltzes which I didn't dance to. I did dance a lot for the other sets.

There was a costume contest, and I would have probably been one of the winners, but since I was on the committee I wasn't allowed to. There was some really great costumes, including one girl who's mom had made her Inara's dress from the Shindig episode!

After the costume contest winners were announced, all the committee members were called up so we could be acknowledged. And right after that, was a marriage proposal between two of the committee members, Dawson and Katie. It was so sweet!

I stayed almost the entire time, but at the end, my head was starting to ache from the loud music and from all the dancing so I headed upstairs. I changed into my pj's, though I did want to go to the after party. I ended up just falling asleep!

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