Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Shiny Adventures of a Browncoat Mommy

I was thinking about what might make an interesting blog, since I'd love it if people would read my ramblings.

And it hit me - what are the two things that I really identify with? The fact that I'm a Browncoat and the fact that I'm a wife and mommy.

I've been a Browncoat in spirit since the first time I saw 'Firefly' which was the very first time it aired. I love this series so much that I was so upset that it was canceled that I didn't even see 'Serenity' (the original pilot) on TV.

I became more active two years ago when I went to my first shindig in Greenville, SC. I went to the Christmas party in 2007. My next shindig wasn't until the Big Dang Larp in April 2008, but I had such a shiny time that I started going to more events until I was too pregnant to travel.

Now that my baby girl is here, it's been a struggle to merge the old Mandy with the new one. I'm still the same geek that I've always been, but now I'm a mommy and I put my daughter's needs in front of my own.

I hope those of you out in the 'verse enjoy this blog! I hope to make it entertaining and informative!

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