Saturday, November 28, 2009

On Holidays

Once we moved down to NC, we never went back to MI for the holidays. The DH and I liked our quiet holidays by ourselves and we didn't feel the need to drive up home through the snow.

But now that we have Miss Emily, it's different. My husband, who hates MI, even said last year that he wished we could have gone home.

Because of this, we hauled ourselves down to GA so we could have Thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle, along with my cousins. My cousins have several kids around Emily's age, so we thought that would be good for her.

It was a long day since it's over 3 hours one way, and we did the whole trip (there and back) on Thursday. And I've felt like crap since then.

Emily got to sleep on the way back, and ever since then she has been awake EARLY in the morning. So, I've gotten less sleep.

But it was worth it - she had an awesome time, and it was nice to spend the holiday with family!

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