Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Browncoat News

News Item 1 - While it's not new news, I'm still pretty upset about the cancellation of 'Dollhouse'. Not surprised, though since it seemed like there were a lot of signs pointing to it's demise.

I'd love to see a 'Dollhouse' movie based on 'Epitaph 1' but I kind of doubt that will happen.

News Item 2 - This is very recent news, and rather near & dear to my heart. The 2010 Browncoat Ball will be in Charlotte, NC - October 22 to 24. I'm hoping to help out since the Charlotte Browncoats are the sister group to the Greenville Browncoats!


  1. I had not heard that the Browncoat Ball was in Charlotte next year. the way our schedule it working out we may actually be able to go. YAY. That's SO cool!

  2. It was just announced yesterday :D