Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Juggling Mommyhood and Geek-hood

In the battle of Mommy-Mandy and Geek-Mandy, most of the time, Mommy-Mandy wins out. Though when Emily was first born, we would watch Buffy. Or I would watch Buffy and she would nurse.

Now that's she's older, it makes even watching things that aren't cartoons harder. I put in 'Serenity' yesterday to celebrate Charlotte getting the Browncoat Ball next year. And I realized how scary it was - at least for a toddler. Those Reavers are scary!!

Thankfully, Emily spent the majority of the movie sleeping and/or nursing, and didn't see hardly any of it.

Geek-Mandy does get out once in a while. Every few months I escape the house, leave Emily with the husband, and I go to hang out with my friends. I'm escaping on Sunday - we are going to watch 'New Moon' and then go out to dinner afterward.

The husband isn't looking forward to trying to get Emily to sleep, but I'm super excited to go out to the movies and to dinner without the child attached to my hip.

One of the hardest juggling acts I've done thus far was Dragon*Con. I love Dragon*Con, it's one of my favorite times of year. Heck, I even did Dragon*Con last year when I was 8 months pregnant!

This year I had convinced my dad (geek) and his wife (non-geek) to come down for it. We lucked out, and my Aunt and Uncle live near to Atlanta and offered to let us stay at their house.

This had several perks, but one big one was that my Aunt and my Step-Mom baby-sat for Emily. Every time we left the house, she would cry and cry. And the first time I called to check on her, I could hear her wailing in the background. It broke my heart.

My Step-Mom insisted she was okay, and that me being away from her was the best for both of us. She ended up being okay with her baby-sitters, and I had a great time. Especially since I got to spend some time with my hubby as we got tons of autographs.

We didn't go back on Sunday - partly because of Emily. But it was one of the best Dragon*Cons I had attended.

It's a juggling act, and I'm sure it always will be until my child is grown. But I'm dedicated to keeping all parts of me happy!

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