Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Long ago, when I was in college, I used to LARP every weekend. It was White Wolf LARPs of the 'rock, paper, scissors' variety, and I loved it.

I love roleplaying in general but I really loved LARPing - costumes + rping = WIN!

But after I left college, I had a hard time finding a new place to LARP. I went to a White Wolf Vampire LARP in Grand Rapids once but it wasn't a great fit. And there was the Firefly one-shot weekend LARP I was a part of in April 2008.

But other than that, I haven't LARPed since college. But my cousin's wife (who is a great friend) has been telling me I should come down to GA some weekend to LARP. And I've been wanting to, but I was afraid that Emily wouldn't be able to cope with being gone from me.

I finally took the plunge this past weekend, and I had an awesome time. It is a boffer-style LARP and I was an NPC, so mostly I fought and died all weekend. It was so much fun.

Miss Emily did great for my aunt, so I'm already planning on going to the next event in November. I'm super excited!

As much as I love being a mommy, I do really enjoy having time away from her to reclaim my Mandy-ness and to spend time doing things for me. And it is good for her to be away from me too.

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