Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010 Trip Report - Thursday

I had planned on spending most of Wednesday night finishing up my costume and finishing packing, but Emily kept waking up every hour, and ended up just sleeping with me.

As a result, I forgot to set the alarm and didn't wake up until 7 (we had wanted to be up at 6:30) - so we got out of the house later than we intended.

I spent the majority of the 3 hour trip sewing and I still didn't finish my dress!

We got to my aunt and uncle's house at about 12:30-ish, and hung out for a few minutes before Todd and I left Emily in the capable hands of my cousin's wife / good friend and we headed downtown.

MARTA ride was easy as usual and we got to the Sheraton about 2. I had hoped the lines would be less crazy due to the early opening, but,  it was only slightly better. We didn't have to wait outside at all but it still took about 2.5 hours.

After we got our badges, and I got my parade ribbon, we went to the food court and had some lunch dinner. We ran into some friends too, which was fun :)

We headed back to my aunt and uncle's house as we were planning on getting up early to get down to the con early the next day. Plus I had sewing to do - I finally finished sewing the layers I had pinned on Thursday night.

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