Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Temper Tantrums

My little girl has always been very sweet, especially out in public. But as we get closer to her 2nd birthday, the terrible 2's keep cropping up.

Temper tantrums have been happening a lot in my house. Usually when we don't do what she wants. I think there is a language barrier since she isn't talking a lot yet. Though she understands a ton because she can follow directions and the like.

I try to have as much patience as I can, though it gets wearing after a while. Especially since I've been suffering from bad migraines this week. But both my husband and I are determined to not give in to the tantrums and try to distract her to get the tantrum done. If she is really bad, we put her in time out.

Tonight was tantrum central due to the fact that Emily resisted taking a nap all day. So by the time it was nearly bedtime, nothing make her happy.

Now, tantrums at home I can handle because no-one can see my cranky child, but when we went out today, Emily decided to roll around on the floor and cry. I felt mortified. I tried distraction, but in the end we had to leave.

I hope this phase ends soon!

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  1. Hannah & I were in Wal-mart once when she started up. I picked her up sideways, abandoned the cart and walked out. Sometimes, you just have to do it. She whaled all the way home and then sniffed as we pulled into the driveway, "Sowwy."