Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet Emily's Lovey - Henry!

I posted a while ago that I was worried because Emily didn't have a lovey. Well, she does now!

It's a stuffed dog named Henry - he is a Naughty Naughty Pet (he loves your Woolly Socks, which is why I guess he's naughty) and my husband won him out of a claw machine.

I'm happy she has a lovey now, but I'm a bit concerned for Henry's safety since he would be (possibly) hard to replace. I did do a quick search online and found this link - Henry Loves your Woolly Socks Plush, but he's out of stock.

I haven't checked eBay, but I just pray that Henry stays safe and sound so I don't have worry about finding his (Evil? Good?) twin.

For now, he is safely tucked next to Emily as she sleeps! 

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