Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adventures at the IHOP

Yesterday, my husband, my toddler and I went to IHOP for lunch. It isn't one of our normal lunch spots, but I was craving pancakes.

Right after we were seated, a grandmother and a toddler about Emily's age were seated near to us. Emily found the little boy very interesting, but soon was distracted by the crayons and kid's menu to draw with.

The little boy was acting like a typical toddler - tossing things, not wanting to sit in his seat, etc. I felt bad for him because his grandmother didn't know how to handle him. She kept threatening to spank him and kept raising her voice. It made me sad because his behavior was not that bad, and no worse than Emily's.

Emily got bored with her crayons and was a little cranky before our food came. So my darling husband took the bands that held the silverware together and re-attached them after he taked them off the silverware.

He had two that he used kind of like circular blocks. He would try to stack them, and Emily would knock them over, while giggling madly. This kept her amused until our food arrived.

There were a lot of older couples eating their as well, and one had been watching her giggle from across the room. As they were leaving, they came over to us and told us what a cute and happy child Emily is!

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