Friday, May 7, 2010

To Cover or not to Cover

It seems that if there is any article about nursing in public, someone always posts "I'm okay with it as long as the mom covers up". Usually they mean with a nursing cover or a blanket.

I tried using a blanket once, when Emily was 2 months old. My dad was coming into town and I felt a little odd nursing uncovered in front of him. I got over that really quick since Emily is a warm kid, and she was not comfortable under the blanket.

Especially before she started solids, we nursed in public a lot. And I never covered up. Usually Emily would pull my shirt down so I wouldn't show any boob once she latched on. I'm sure I've flashed some people when she unlatches, but I'm usually pretty quick at covering myself.

Nursing in public is a great thing, but I feel bad for those moms who are given a hard time.

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