Monday, May 17, 2010

Fanaticon 2010 and the Asheville Browncoats

Fanaticon was awesome! For a first year con, it was so well run, and it had over 3,000 attendees!

I was working the Charlotte Browncoat table, talking up CSTS and the Browncoat Ball. I got to meet a lot of shiny people.

I also participated in the Costume Parade, where I got a Wonder Woman doll for participating. I gave it to Emily.

Todd and Emily came down and Todd got a Fanaticon poster, and since he was one of the first hundred people to buy one, he got a poster carrier that has a strap. It's going to be great for Dragon*Con.

I also met a lot of local Browncoats - I had made an Asheville Browncoat yahoo group, but after the interest I got at Fanaticon I started an Asheville Browncoat Facebook page. I'm really hoping it takes off!

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