Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Miss You, Mom

Me and my mom
10 years ago today my mom lost her two year battle with cancer. I woke up around this time on that day and I just knew she was gone. My dad and her dad were at her side when she passed away.

I miss my mom everyday. Even though I was 25 years old when she passed away, I wasn't really grown up. I had graduated from college less than a week before she died - an event that she managed to attend. She was very proud of me.

But my mom never met my husband - though she was in the same room with him once. My college best friend married his best friend and we were both in the wedding. That was how we met. But we didn't start dating until after my mom had passed.

And of course my mom never got to meet Emily. That probably makes me more sad than anything because my mom was so looking forward to having grandkids. She would have adored Miss Emily.

I am a Christian so I believe that my mom is in Heaven. She does come to visit every once in a while - I feel her presence sometimes which gives me some peace. And I will see her again someday. But for  now, I miss my mommy and wish she was still her.

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