Saturday, August 25, 2012

How To Find Me At Dragon*Con!

I'm getting ready for Dragon*Con! This year I'll be on a panel as well as live tweeting for GeekMom. You can follow me at @ChaosMandy at Twitter.

On Friday, August 31, I'll be on the GeekMom panel.

It will be at 1 pm in the Kaleidoscope track room (Marriott Lobby: Marriott L405 - L406). The title of the panel is "Are you a Geek Parent?" It should be a lot of fun!

On Saturday, September 1, I'll be in the parade.

I'll have Emily with me and both of us will be cosplaying as Snow White. We will be marching in the Kaleidoscope section!

On Sunday, September 2, I'll be a judge for the Whedonverse costume contest. 

It will be at 4 pm in Westin International DE. I can't wait to see all the shiny costumes!

I'll also have the GeekMom Pony with me - I'll be taking a lot of pictures of her around the con. I hope to see some of you at the con!

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