Sunday, May 6, 2012

Doing My Civic Duty

Miss Emily wearing my "I Voted" Sticker
I'm not the best at doing my civic duty and voting. I tend to only vote in the big elections in November. But because of Amendment One, I decided I needed to go and vote.

So I skipped lunch on Friday and left work a half hour early. While I do think it's important for Emily to see me voting, I wasn't sure what time the polling place closed. So I went to vote before I picked her up from the sitter.

My polling place is a library very close to my house. Since it is still early voting, there weren't the normal amount of people promoting different candidates and other voting issues that I've seen when going to vote on election day.

There were two women sitting in lawn chairs holding "Vote for Marriage / Amendment One" one signs. They asked me if I wanted to know about Amendment One. I said, a little pointedly no and that I would be voting against. The support for this horrible amendment has me a little irrational. I get flares of anger anytime I see one of the "For Amendment One" signs that I've been seeing all over. If you haven't heard of Amendment One, you can read more about it at George Takei's blog.

There wasn't a line so I didn't have to wait very long to cast my ballot. I voted and I got my sticker. I went about my business, going to get Emily from the sitter. She saw my sticker and wanted it. I gave it to her and it gave me a chance to explain voting and why it is important to her.

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  1. I know how you feel. I've never so angry about something political before. I'm so disappointed that I live in a state of bigots that would even consider putting this on the ballet. I almost want to know who's idea it was so I can go smack them in the face really hard.