Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amendment One and Gay Marriage

Today NC voters had their last chance to go to the polls to vote in the primaries as well as for or against Amendment One, which some people are calling the Marriage Amendment.

I've been reading comments on the Facebook page of a local news station and it makes me sad and angry. Gay marriage is already illegal, but this amendment will take away rights, put children in jeopardy and possibly release abusers from jail. It's really horrible!

 Most of the For people that are posting on FB seem to have the stance that Amendment One should pass because the Christian Bible says being gay is a sin. When asked to weigh in about the repercussions this amendment would have on straight, unmarried people, they say that that part of the amendment isn't real.

I really don't think government should be making decision like this. Gay marriage, despite the far Right's claim, isn't hurting anyone. Don't like gay marriage? Don't enter into one! No gay marriage (or any marriage) has any effect on my marriage, positive or negative. My marriage is something that is between my husband and myself.

I think some Christians forget that America is made up with people of all walks of life. Not everyone is Christian, so Christian values should have no weight in government. Instead of worrying about how to fix the economy, the focus is on amendments like this.

It makes me sad that people can't just let people live their lives without trying to force their own beliefs on them. I voted against and lots of people I know did as well. But I do fear that it will pass as last I heard For was ahead of Against.

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