Friday, January 8, 2010


I've always been pretty shy. I didn't have a whole lot of friends in high school and in most of college.

The major of my friends in college came from the LARP group I was in. Once I moved down to NC and got married, I missed role playing and being a group of friends.

In late 2007, I joined the Greenville Browncoats yahoo group and I attended my first shindig December 2007 (it was a very shiny Christmas party).

I got pregnant January 2008, but I went to Greenville a lot until I got too pregnant to travel. Once I recovered from my c-section and Emily was old enough, I started going to some Browncoat events again.

I love being a part of that group of really shiny people!

I've also made a lot of mommy friends since Emily was born. I have postpartum depression, and part of dealing with that was joining play groups so I could get out of the house. This had the added benefit of socialization for Emily.

Now my calender is really full - I seem to have at least one playdate every week, I try to get to Greenville every couple of months, and next week I'm going on a weekend trip to the beach with some mommy friends.

I'm hoping I'm not over scheduling, but right now I'm reveling in the fact that I know have so many friends! It's really great.


  1. Awesome for pushing yourself to find cool things to do. As a life-long hermit myself (or as close to one as I can be) I can understand the challenge of pushing through shyness to find groups you enjoy and who enjoy you!

  2. I'm very shy and it's very hard. It's easier to do when I'm doing it for Emily though.

    I have cut back a little because I was over-scheduling us a lot.