Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mommyhood makes things harder sometimes

So, I had to pick up a prescription at the Wal-Mart pharmacy this afternoon. It was a creme they had to mix up so I figured it would take a while.

I was surprised when I went to the counter specifically to find out how long it would be that it would only take 15 minutes.

I did my shopping and looked around the store for a 1/2 hour, and was very annoyed when my creme wasn't ready when we came back. We ended up having to wait another 20 minutes.

If it was just me, I would have still been annoyed, but I was extra annoyed because Emily was starting to get tired and cranky. I managed to amuse her by putting her in the cart and letting her pull things out of the diaper bag.

I'm so lucky my kid is pretty easy going!

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