Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sickness and Sailor Moon

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Right before Valentine's Day long ago, my dear husband (who I had just started to date at the time) bought me the best present ever for the big V-Day. It wasn't roses, candy or even jewelry  He bought me the first season of Sailor Moon uncut.

I adored it and I watched it a lot. He bought it for me right when my daily chronic headaches were starting and I didn't have a lot of ways to cope with the pain. So on those nights that I couldn't sleep, I would pop in Sailor Moon and watch that.

It's been nearly ten years since my headaches started and I still get the urge to watch Sailor Moon when I am in a lot of pain. I still have that set that my husband bought me all those years ago. It is actually now a rare collectors item - currently the cheapest you can get it on Amazon is $199. Whenever money was really tight in the past, we toyed with the idea of selling it but neither of us could bear to part with it.

Tonight I'm not feeling great so I plan on watching some Sailor Moon. It was one of the best presents my husband has ever given me. I think of him when I watch it and I'm very thankful to have a great husband who is wonderful at picking out gifts.

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